The HOME Essentials Kit was our first choice however,

26th October 2019

The Home Essentials Kit was our first choice however within 2 weeks we realised we made a mistake! Why?

Sinéad and I became aware of dōTERRA oils when I was looking for a miracle to happen to my health, in fact, I actually gave up hope on my health after a number of unsuccessful heart procedures, waiting on a list for an ear operation (still on a list), suffering from obesity, lack of sleep, no energy and to be fair I was pretty miserable, add this to Sinéad suffering with Hiatus Hernia, obesity, stress and Adele our daughter suffering from constant constipation issues, we lead a pretty unhappy lifestyle and our jobs were not great either.

Then one day we finally listened to our friends Adam and Rosie about the benefits of using dōTERRA  Essential Oils we were at the end of the road with our health and wellness, we sat down in our home and the first dōTERRA oil we spoke about was Melaleuca mainly because I had been suffering from earaches for the last few weeks and the antibiotic was not working and I had a ball of cotton wool in my ear, Adam asked me to put a drop of Melaleuca on my finger and rub around the back of my ear and down the outside channel and on my ear reflex points, as soon as we popped the lid we could smell the potency and purity and we were taken back how strong the aroma was, I applied as instructed by Adam, we then spoke about the different approaches of healthcare the modern approach which I owe my life to and the natural approach which we owe our lifestyle to. After this interesting eye-opening topic I realised my earache had gone!

We then spoke about why dōTERRA is effective, a lot made sense to why we should consider dōTERRA after this section about WHY dōTERRA we were a bit upset of how we have been lead to believe that the products we used to buy on a weekly basis were actually killing us slowly! When Adam opened the dōTERRA On Guard and we smelled the beautiful aroma, I smiled! yes smiled this was something no one was used to from me, not even me, I found life difficult to be happy about, yes I was happily married and had amazing beautiful children but, the lifestyle I lived did not bring me happiness. So when I smelt the beautiful aroma of dōTERRA On Guard and that smile came across my face I knew dōTERRA was a special gift to have at our fingertips.

Through the rest of the essential oil class, our minds were literally blown away with the power and yet softness of dōTERRA! We learnt dōTERRA could be used as a natural solutions tool kit to support our families health, wellness and happiness in so many ways. We learnt they can support the nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, change your emotions and so much more. Not only could they do all this but they smelt AMAZING and we could cook and clean with them also!

There was a great choice of start-up kits, Family Essentials, Home Essentials, Detox, Natural Solutions, Every oil and a Diamond Kit, you could also buy single oils or even by retail but why pay more as you get 25% discount if you are a member and even better saving if you enrol with a kit. Once we agreed to enrol as a member we had to decide which kit and as you can imagine the price varied from the Family Kit all the way up to a Diamond Kit! I think as many people do when they join dōTERRA will it make a difference in your life? Will we actually use them? The diffuser you get with the Home Essential Kit actually swung it for us, yes we had seen Melaleuca work on my ear and yes I even smiled with the dōTERRA On Guard but we still had to go against the years of being told take your medicine it is good for you.

This is why we enrolled with the Home Essentials kit.

Because it included the top ten oils every home should have in order to support the respiratory, immune, digestive, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

15ml bottles such great value approx 240 drops and they do last, note the Deep Blue oil is a 5ml bottle 80 drops.

The petal diffuser to use oils aromatically is a workhorse, ours has been going 3 years now 2-3 times a day and still going strong.

It contains oils that can be used for sleep support and to help you find calm and relaxation, We all love Lavender and Frankincense in our home great for the children and adults as well as Lavender for bites and stings, Lavender and Melaleuca for cuts and grazes.

We add oils to flavour food and drinks, the first change we made was to drink more water and to flavour your water with either Peppermint or Lemon is amazing, another great one for all the family. Add Lavender in baking like shortbread, muffins and cakes.

The Home Essentials Kit includes oils you can use for DIY cleaning - OnGuard, Lavender, Lemon or Peppermint these are great for a multipurpose spray, Melaleuca for bathrooms, Lemon for your fridge.

Great for pest repelling, Insects hate Peppermint because of its high menthol content.

Make DIY toiletries by using Onguard for hand wash, Lavender and Frankincense for body wash, Peppermint for a foot scrub and so many more ideas.

These are just a few reasons to buy a Home Essentials Kit I have not mentioned, my wife who suffered for over 15 years with her Hiatus Hernia spending over €20000, using Peppermint and never having to suffer again with her Hiatus Hernia also losing 45lbs, or I have not mentioned using Zengest on Adele and clearing up her long-running constipation issues she was suffering with for over 4 years of her young life, I have not mentioned helping my sister off her inhalers that she was on for over 32 years with dōTERRA Air, I also have not mentioned how I have lost over 80lbs in weight, found amazing energy, having great sleep and most importantly found happiness in my life, which was always there, it was just my emotions and lifestyle kept me from that happiness. We have changed our lifestyle, career and future all from buying a Home Essential Kit.

You may not feel you can use all the oils straight away, but with this kit when you experience something or have an idea, there is a 99.9% chance you'll have the oils you can use in this kit. If you purchase with Sinéad or Me via contacting us or by enrol now we will help, support and guide you along the way, something we love to do and take great pride in, we welcome you to our community!

If you're interested to purchase this kit or would like to learn more please contact us below or simply enrol now. We recommend adding on some fractionated coconut oil, to make your oils go even further for topical use.

Essential oils have been used for millennia by nearly every major civilization. There are a number of essential oils that can help almost anyone achieve better wellness. For this reason, dōTERRA created the Home Essentials Kit.

You may wonder why we said we made a mistake, well because after 2 weeks we saw such amazing results with the Home Essential kit and how it brought so much joy to our family, we knew we should have brought a bigger kit, so we did! We rang up dōTERRA and asked could we upgrade which they were happy to do and we invested in a Diamond Kit, Hands-on heart easily the best investment as a family we ever made, it changed our families future for generations!

We are so grateful for dōTERRA for the wonderful products they offer to us, we are so grateful for Adam and Rosie for sharing dōTERRA with us and our family, we are so grateful for the healthy habits we have created to create a healthy lifestyle and to be able to make a career out of sharing and helping others is a responsibility we have been blessed with.

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