4th September 2019

Hiatus Hernia! Suffer in PAIN every month? It is not a nice position to be in, having to watch your wife in pain, my wife Sinéad suffered so much with a common problem that is really painful and uncomfortable for the person. Peppermint has lots of uses and was life-changing for my wife Sinéad, she was suffering from Hiatus Hernia before we ever met that's going back over 15 years, it would really knock her about and when it would really flare up she would be bedridden and if you know Sinéad that is totally not her. Sinéad had many prescriptions and was in to the doctors every other month, she was on medication like Losec, Ranitidine, Lansoprazole and Omeprazole include also Gavison, Rennies and all the other over the shelf products, spending over €20,000 yet she was always suffering, it might have eased the pain, however, it was only until next time.

So early in our doTERRA journey, Sinéad had an amazing result. Now Sinéad was not always convinced in the oils not because of the results, because we have never heard of them, the benefits or we just assumed other knew better than we did so we followed their advice. When enough is enough and you can not just sit there watching people in your family suffer especially the love of your life you have to step out of the path you are on and take a different approach and we did with doTERRA. We had invested in a Home Essentials Kit and bought a Modern Essentials Book to help us understand some of the benefits.
Sinéad had one of those flare-ups, one evening when I was working away and she had enough of the medication and she decided to grab the book and see what oils she could use, the book stated Peppermint 1-2 drops and to apply on the area. Sinéad got the Peppermint and by applying 2 drops of Peppermint oil under her bra line, she felt instant relief as quick as putting the top back on the bottle she said. Since that night Sinéad has not had one single flare-up, no Hiatus Hernia since WOW! No more long night suffering from cramps, bloating, diarrhoea and many other symptoms, it was truly life-changing for Sinéad. As a husband watching someone you love suffer was not something I enjoyed and all I could do before was to comfort Sinéad with a hot water bottle and love, however by bringing doTERRA into our lives we changed Sinéad's life.
This oil is totally invigorating and it's from the Peppermint leaves grown in Washington State, where it's cool and damp, these are the perfect conditions for Peppermint. This is why we love doTERRA, it's because they source the oils from there natural habitat.

Where to Buy doTERRA Peppermint?

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doTERRA Peppermint Uses and Benefits:

Instead of reaching for artificially flavoured gum or candy when you need to freshen your breath, look to Peppermint oil to do the job. Mix a drop of Peppermint oil with a drop of Lemon essential oil in water, take a sip, and swirl it around in your mouth for a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse. The most beneficial ingredient in this mouth rinse is the menthol, a component found in Peppermint. Menthol has been used for centuries for its ability to cleanse and freshen. When you use a drop of Peppermint oil in your mouth rinse, the menthol is what gives it a fresh and minty kick. This powerful and fresh element is why Peppermint is found in many oral health products today. When using this Peppermint oil mouth rinse, you will experience a pleasurable, cooling feeling and you will walk away confident, knowing that your breath smells just as good as it feels.

Peppermint oil is a culinary wonder and has been used to add a fresh boost to meals in kitchens all across the world. However, the use of Peppermint oil is not just limited to cooked dishes; it also makes a great addition to any smoothie. Try adding one to two drops of Peppermint oil to your favourite smoothie recipe for a burst of minty flavour. By adding the freshness of Peppermint oil to your morning smoothie, you can start your day feeling more refreshed than ever.

Peppermint oil also turns plain water into a cooling and refreshing treat. When the summer heat seems to overwhelm you, add one drop of Peppermint oil with a cut fruit like strawberries or limes for a deliciously infused water. Peppermint oil makes a healthy addition to any drink because it helps promote healthy respiratory function and clear breathing, and by adding doTERRA Peppermint oil to something as simple as the water you drink, you encourage healthy respiratory function in your body* while simultaneously changing up the flavour to your drinks.

Peppermint oil can be used aromatically to enliven the senses and promote a feeling of energy. This powerful oil can be extremely beneficial on its own, but when you add the right combination of essential oils to Peppermint, the synergy of the combination of oils leads to even more benefits. For example, try placing one drop of Peppermint oil in the palm of your hand, add one drop of Wild Orange oil and one drop of Frankincense oil, and inhale by cupping your hands over your nose. This simple aromatic recipe is perfect for a mid-day pick-me-up.

Including Wild Orange and Frankincense in this Peppermint, mixture adds to its aromatic benefits. Wild Orange carries a sweet and fresh citrus smell that is used to uplift the mind and body, while Frankincense is valued for its ability to promote feelings of relaxation. By combining these two essential oils with Peppermint oil’s soothing properties, the blend becomes an aromatic powerhouse that will have you feeling relaxed and energized for the tasks ahead.

Try this do-it-yourself Whipped Peppermint Foot Lotion and show your feet how much you appreciate them. This is a simple and light lotion that includes natural ingredients like Peppermint and Tea Tree (Melaleuca) essential oils. After a long day, this DIY lotion can help you unwind and give your feet the delightful cooling sensation they need. For best results, try applying this lotion generously to your feet and then putting socks on before you go to bed. Whipped Peppermint Foot Lotion will not only leave your feet smelling fresh, but it will also transform your sandpaper heels into a silky dream.

If you are looking for a way to share the benefits of Peppermint oil with your friends, try making and sharing this DIY Candy Cane Sugar Scrub. This festive sugar scrub helps exfoliate and moisturize the hands, feet, and body, and it makes for a great seasonal gift. Not only will the scrub produce soft and smooth skin, but its Peppermint oil base will provide a soothing sensation wherever it is applied.

Being outside in the sun can be a great way to uplift your mood, but sometimes too much sun exposure can quickly end your fun. Try this homemade After Sun Soothing Spray to maintain healthy-looking skin after too much sun. This soothing spray is filled with three powerful essential oils that calm and soothes irritated skin. One of the primary oils used in this spray is Peppermint. Peppermint oil is a perfect after-sun essential oil for the same reason it is useful for oral care--its high content of Menthol. Tea Tree (Melaleuca) essential oil and Lavender essential oil are two additional ingredients in this DIY that will improve the appearance of skin.

Looking for a long-lasting way to smell the sweet and minty aroma of Peppermint oil? Use this simple yet invigorating diffuser blend and enjoy this fresh aroma in your home, office, or classroom. To make this blend, combine two drops of Peppermint oil, three drops of Grapefruit, and two drops of Sandalwood into a diffuser. Using Peppermint oil in your diffuser will produce a cooling, invigorating vapour. Additionally, the grounding and mood-enhancing properties of Sandalwood and the uplifting benefits of Grapefruit will work well with the soothing and relaxing effects of Peppermint oil to produce an energizing and calming aroma that all will enjoy.

Peppermint oil makes a great addition to many dishes, especially desserts. Try using this Black Bean Brownie recipe with Peppermint oil and put a nutritious and delicious spin on the traditional chocolate brownie. At first, making a sweet treat with black beans may seem strange or even off-putting, but don’t worry, black beans have a very mild flavour and are extremely rich, creamy, and full of protein. Once you venture out with this recipe, you won’t want to go back. To create an extra pop of flavour, add a couple of drops of Peppermint oil for a delightful and refreshing flavour.

The soothing components found in Peppermint oil make it a desirable oil for massages. Try adding Peppermint oil to your massage experiences and enjoy the pleasurable cooling feelings it brings to your skin while immersing yourself in its sweet and relaxing aroma. A great massage companion to Peppermint is Lavender. This combination will produce optimal soothing feelings that will add to any massage. You can also try adding Peppermint oil to your shampoo or conditioner for a stimulating hair massage that will provide the pampering your scalp deserves.

If you're finding more than your share of spiders or bugs in your home, Peppermint oil provides a perfect solution to ward off those creepy crawlers. Many bugs and spiders dislike the potent smell of Peppermint oil. Consequently, Peppermint oil is used as a home remedy to repel bugs naturally. Try placing one to three drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and position them in the corners of your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, or wherever you think these unwanted guests might be.

If you or someone you know has trouble staying awake during the day and would like a natural method to feel alert, Peppermint oil used topically or aromatically can help. Because of the invigorating and cooling effects that pure Peppermint oil produces when it comes in contact with skin, Peppermint is an ideal oil for staying attentive and aware. In order to create this extra boost, place 1–2 drops of Peppermint oil on your fingertips and then place your fingertips on your temples and rub. This will help give you the natural sense of alertness you desire when you need it most.

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