Soothe the Sunburn

12th July 2019

Always keep protected from the suns rays when you are outdoors.  A good sunscreen is an absolute must, but also remember your hat if you are going to be in direct sunlight. When it comes to sunscreen, it is recommended to use a factor 30 or higher, especially on those very hot days.  Don’t be fooled though, a cloudy day doesn’t mean that you don’t get exposed to UV rays.

Another idea we love is to make up your own sunscreen.  Mix 20 drops of sandalwood essential oil fractionated coconut oil in a 60ml spray bottle.  This promotes a lovely gentle sun-kissed tan and keeps your skin soft and silky, as well as protecting it.

Even with good intentions of protecting yourself and the children from the sun, some how we still manage to get burnt. This week we left the house and it was raining and we went for a drive with some friends ended up at the beautiful Cliffs of Moher, we started walking and the further we got from the car the sunnier it got we then spent 4 hours out in the blazing sun chatting, playing and watching the world go by, slowly burning. We kept the children as covered as much as possible and they seemed to get away with it, but the older more wiser people on the outing all managed to get burnt. We called back to our home when passing dropping of our friends and we reached for the oils which help us with burns and we had a few to choose from which is your favourite or did you know you can actually use these for sunburn? here is our top 5 (ranging from £11-£65 €15-€77 without delivery costs)

doTERRA Lavender is for sleep right? yes absolutely, however it's definitely one of the most versatile oils you can have in you possession, doTERRA Lavender has a long list of health benefits, including everything from being able to soothe a bad sunburn to sleep. Thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender can speed up the  soothing and healing process, also allow your body to recover faster.

doTERRA Peppermint oil is an oil we would reach to without a second thought another top goto oil, known as a natural cooling agent to help bring down temperatures and act as natural pain killer but it also provides relief to tender sunburns with its cooling sensation. Diluted with other oils, it can be applied topically as a paste on the burn for immediate relief.

doTERRA Roman Chamomile has been used around the world for centuries for its abundance of antioxidants. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties allow it to restore and soothe skin and heal everything from sunburns to bruises.

doTERRA Eucalyptus is a great essential cooling oil to heal skin and cool burns. This oil has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties that alleviate sunburn quickly. With its antibacterial properties, it can also protect sunburned skin from infection, great for sinus relief also through the day.

doTERRA Geranium oil is used to treat all types of skin ailments from eczema to dermatitis. It also great for sunburns, with its antibacterial and skin restorative benefits it helps heal sunburns while providing a rose-like aroma. One of my favourite oils to diffuse.

We all know the best action is to keep ourslves protected at all time however, we are all human and even with the best intentions we find ourselves vulnurable to the eliments. If like us you get burnt reach to some pure natural remedies that has been a blessing in our lives stay sun safe x

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