Remember Counting Sheep, 1,2,3,4,754

2nd January 2020
As a child, I remember being told to count sheep when I struggled to get to sleep! It does not really work, does it?
With the Holiday season coming to an end and if your home is anything like our home the children are totally out of routine. Crankiness is evident throughout the day and it is mainly down to the lack of sleep. The importance of sleep is well-understood, but it can sometimes be difficult to help children go to bed and with school starting and the early morning wake-ups we need to do all we can as a parent to help them get back into the routine.
Bedtime for children can be a difficult time anyway, but it is critical that children get plenty of sleep each day. Children’s bodies are growing quickly and they need plenty of rest at night. We have found using dōTERRA essential oils can be a helpful addition to your child’s bedtime routine and help prepare our child for restful sleep.
The secret to sweet slumber for the little ones lies in creating a bedtime routine and sticking to it consistently. This might include reading a book to your children, turning off electronics an hour before bed, playing soothing music, meditation, and diffusing essential oils in your child’s bedroom. There is no perfect, one-size-fits-all bedtime regimen for children, so experiment and find out what your children respond best to. Then, try not to vary too much. Having a predictable bedtime routine can help your children settle down for the night with less fuss and delay, and it can help instil healthy sleep habits for life.

What Essential Oils are Good for Sleep?

Essential oils can be a powerful part of a children's bedtime routine. They have been used for thousands of years for their calming and soothing properties, which help the mind and body relax. The unique chemical properties found in certain essential oils make them useful for promoting an environment conducive for sleep. The chemical constituent linalool is particularly helpful for supporting restful sleep. Lavender and Petitgrain both include linalool in their chemistry and these are the two oils we have had so many results with on a personal basis.  Our girls love Lavender before bed and our boys seem to love Petitgrain. Another chemical constituent particularly helpful for calming and relaxing are esters. Again, Lavender is an excellent choice, along with Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Vetiver, and Bergamot.

How Do You Use Essential Oils to Help with Sleep?

Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Petitgrain stand out among other bedtime essential oils. They can be used aromatically, topically, and internally to help with sleep, making them extremely versatile. Diffuse them in your child’s room before bed, put a drop onto their pillow, or add a drop to a glass of herbal tea or warm milk at bedtime or if you are like our Mikey he just tips it straight on his head as a typical boy would.

dōTERRA Serenity is a calming and relaxing blend that is formulated to help you fall asleep naturally by promoting a restful sleeping environment. Diffuse dōTERRA Serenity or apply to the bottoms of the feet at night to calm a restless child.

As parents, we also need help to sleep sometimes and we also diffuse but I find Lavender and Ylang Ylang on my big toes works amazingly or even 1 drop of lavender in a shot of water!

What Can I Do to Help My Child Sleep?

We believe that giving your children a massage before bedtime can help them fall asleep easier. dōTERRA Touch Lavender and Frankincense are pre-diluted and perfect for use on children we use them in a calming massage as part of your child’s bedtime routine or we feel they need a little bit more love we give our children an AromaTouch massage with the children's favourite relaxing oils.

Need a good night sleep? start here.

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