Sharing oil gave a dog a new home!

26th August 2019
I felt we had to mention National Dog day today! I was grateful to meet a lady recently, who has had a real life-changing experience with one of the doTERRA oils called Air. This lady suffered from asthma and an allergy to dogs, she suffered so badly that she could not spend 30 minutes at her friend's house who had dogs. It was not just the fact she could not spend time with her friend, but this lady loves dogs so much, she even told me she loves dogs more than people (I wonder if her friend knows that?). 
We always talk about how important it is to share your experiences about doTERRA oils, at this time when someone we shared the oils with for there asthma, who is off all her inhalers met this lady, she shared the same oil to her for the lady’s asthma, however after 5 weeks she has found that yes she is not using her inhaler but she can spend more time around her friends house with her dogs. 
The most amazing thing happened this weekend the lady who suffered from asthma and the allergy to dogs has gone to her local dog rescue centre and found her perfect new companion. It just shows you how powerful doTERRA oils are not by just changing this ladies life with her asthma, but also with her allergy to dogs which will have an amazing effect on this ladies happiness and that of her newfound beautiful companion. x


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