Power of Preparation

7th August 2021
Love this little fellow and looking at his eyes you can sense he is ready to get up to mischief and this makes me think even from an early age we prepare ourselves before we take action!
So if this is a gift that has been given to all of us then why do we not use it? Do we forget the power of preparation or do we just get so set in our everyday ways, we feel we do not need or actually value the process of preparation?
We have all heard the sayings fail to plan you plan to fail and a goal without a plan is just a wish, so why do we just put our heads down and keep moving in the same direction a direction that leads to the same place every day?
Look at Mikey's eyes he is planning something? He is taking in his environment, he is relaxing, evaluating, strategizing, showing patients before he acts, he is getting ready to pounce like a tiger cub, in doing so he is prepared, in control, he will move forward with no doubt and no fear.
We could all take a lesson from Mikey because when we do not prepare our days, we can bring chaos, disorder, and feelings of underachievement, we can get bogged down and overwhelm ourselves.
Let us take a leaf out of his book and be more like Mikey, in the preparation of our actions, take a few moments to relax and observe, plan our next step, use the power of preparation to be successful in all that you do, bring patients into your life, evaluate your situation.
We can promise you this, as we have used the power of preparation in our lives, we have calmly sought answers to all circumstances that have come before us and in doing so brought success into our lives.
Mike, Sinéad & Mikey xxx

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