Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

16th January 2020
Yoga has been a revelation to me, I never forget the first time I ever went to yoga I was a bit lost really, I had lots of people saying you will love it and it so good for you. However I just felt it was not my thing, yes I had been on a health push since the dark days of obesity, emotional and mental struggles and I thought why not since my eyes are now fully open to understanding there is so much more to wellness that going to your doctor every month with a problem.
We have such amazing people all over this world who can help us achieve such a beautiful state of peace, happiness and joy by us being open to natural and spiritual love.  When I got off the mat for the first time I was hooked, the peace I felt in my mind and heart was so calming, I felt freedom from the everyday disturbance and I knew yoga was for me. over the past year, I realised how important my mat is, to my yoga experience and keeping my mat clean and smelling of beautiful aromas is bringing me to new heights.  Yoga has been a great way for me to increase my physical and emotional well-being. Whether you are an expert yogi, or just getting started, a good yoga mat spray is a must.
For all you who are unsure whether to go to a local yoga class, if you are looking for some peace, happiness and joy in your life you will find it on the mat!
¾ cup distilled water
¼ cup alcohol-free witch hazel or white vinegar
5 drops Lavender oil
3 drops Melaleuca oil
Glass spray bottle
  1. Combine all ingredients in a glass spray bottle.
  2. Shake until combined.
  3. To use, spray on the mat and wipe dry with a towel.

Note: Not all yoga mats are treated the same. Using essential oils may ruin some yoga mats. Spray a test patch on a small part of your mat first to make sure the cleanser doesn't adversely affect it.

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