Mom your Amazing!

19th December 2020

Over the last few years after leaving that normal business mindset and setting up a home-based business, I have learnt many things!

I have learnt our children do not want everything, they want their mom and dad to be present in their lives, they want to know you are there to protect them, bring happiness and joy to their lives. They want to know they will be fed regularly, they want to know you are there when you go to bed and when they wake up, sometimes at some crazy hour looking for a hug after a bad dream.

What we are taught as parents has not always been true, I have had to change, I have to strip back all the lies of the world and seek guidance from the ones I love.

I have learnt my wife is more amazing than I already knew, and the sacrifices, the energy, the patience, the unlimited amount of love and laughter she brings to our home.

We now have a life we desired, we created, we love and more importantly a life that lets us spend every day, every meal, every bedtime, every moment of the good, the bad and the crazy (now that we homeschool).

We just wanted to share this because as we get to know more mothers every day in our business that no matter what circumstances you are in you are doing better than you realise!

With love

Mike & Sinéad xx

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