Do you have a Healthy Marriage?

14th November 2020

Having a strong marriage has been such a blessing to our health and wellness and within all marriages, each of us holds the power to strengthen or destroy our marriage.

We have had to deal with things in our marriage that we both were not totally happy with and we have seen the same things happen to other couples who criticise each other by their words or actions. 

How can love continue to take that kind of abuse over the years?

We believe that love is an emotion that causes us to want the other person to be happy. When we make comments that hurt our spouses, we are essentially saying, “I don’t care about your feelings. I don’t love you.”

Sometimes, when we disagree with our spouse or we try to place blame on them, we have passed judgement, we feel that the guilty one deserves some punishment—and usually, we hand out the punishment in the form of harsh words, cold shoulder or an excuse to walk away. However, if we demand justice in marriage, we can lose the blessing of love.

If we really love our spouse, we will care so much for their happiness that we will not say anything to diminish it. Our verbal expressions to our spouse should be filled with praise, admiration, and gentleness. We know as you do these things then your love for each other will grow.

We all can make a wiser choice. We can expend the effort to change ourselves so that our words continually reflect true love for our spouse. If we do so, it is more likely that we will reap the reward of continually seeing our companion’s eyes light up every time we enter the room. We have only one life to live, live it full of happiness and wellness and it will offer you the chance to build your marriage into eternal love. 

What will you choose?

With love

Mike & Sinéad xx

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