10th July 2019
During the summer and the little ones never mind the big ones are having so much fun outside, it is a blessing we have been using doTERRA lemon oil as one of our must go to oils with water, not only do the kids love the flavour but it keeps them away from all the nasty sugar-filled so-called healthy options. Quiet simply Lemon was one of the oils that changed our lives and guess what it is not expensive.
So doTERRA LEMON essential oil has changed your lives? Yes! Lemon is one of the first oils you will always go for when you start out. It's a powerful, beautiful multi-purpose oil. Lemon oil is cold-pressed from the rind and peel of the organic lemons grown in the beautiful island of Sicily, the same family have been growing these beautiful Lemons for 5 generations. I love the aroma. Here is just only a few uses for doTERRA Lemon oil.

When you start out, you soon realise the power of the Lemon essential oil, especially for its cleansing. It promotes healthy regular digestion and helps your body’s natural detoxification processes. When we started our wellness lifestyle it really helped us get started with cleansing and detoxing. I would say it was a really massive part of our 100lb weight loss regime. It supports the liver and can work magic on the urinary tract. It can also boost a sluggish metabolism!
This is what our family drinks throughout the day.

Where to Buy doTERRA Lemon?

To buy a bottle of doTERRA Lemon, contact us at hello@west2wellness.com or simply ENROL NOW!

doTERRA Melaleuca Uses and Benefits:

Lemon essential oil is purifying to the skin, too, working as a gentle astringent when diluted with a carrier oil and applied to blemishes. Also direct on an upcoming spot, just dab oil on a cotton bud and apply.

Lemon oil is also Great In the home, the oil that will prompt you to finally ditch those over-priced, dangerous store-bought cleaning product, and don't do this for me do this for your family's sake. We clean literally our entire house with this oil because it removes stains and grease safely and effectively and leaves a beautiful aroma of freshness around your home.

When diffused, Lemon essential oil provides an uplifting environment and promotes a positive mood. Due to the chemical makeup of this oil, it has been shown to help improve mood with an energizing and invigorating aroma. If you want to diffuse Lemon oil, use three to four drops in the essential oil diffuser of your choice.

Diffusing Lemon essential oil will also help cleanse and purify the air and surfaces in your home. Whether you are trying to eliminate airborne odours, or just like to keep your house smelling fresh, bright, and clean, Lemon is an optimal choice for diffusing—on its own or in a diffuser blend. Looking for a good Lemon essential oil diffuser blend? Add 2 drops of Lemon, 1 drop of Lime, 1 drop of Lavender, and 1 drop of Rosemary to your diffuser for a “Clean Summer Kitchen” aroma.

Add Lemon essential oil to your water for a refreshing taste or as an alternative to sodas and sugary drinks. When taken internally, Lemon oil can also naturally cleanse the body and aid in digestion. You can even add a drop of Lemon essential oil and sliced fruit to your water for a delicious infused flavour. Always make sure you drink either from glass or aluminium. As mentioned earlier in the post this is great to complement to your weight loss plan, or simply help you cleanse and support your Liver.

Combine with Peppermint and Lavender to create a natural anti-histamines for them high pollen days.

Add to salad dressings for a wow factor.

You can Clean windows with Lemon add vinegar. The oven Lemon with bicarbonate of soda. Polish wood furniture uses Lemon with fractionated coconut oil.

While Lemon can work wonders with wood furniture, it is also useful for maintaining leather furniture. It takes a lot of work and special care to preserve a leather couch or leather chair, but Lemon essential oil takes a lot of the work out of it for you with its preservative properties. Use a Lemon oil-soaked cloth to wipe down your leather furniture to help preserve the piece, and prevent the leather from splitting.

Is this an oil you would love to have?
Leave a REPLY or ENROL NOW and start supporting your family with Lemon.


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