Love Change!

3rd July 2020
We took this picture yesterday and it just makes us so happy.
Yet Heidi is growing through changes, she can be the most amazing sweet girl you could ever meet and bring you to complete joy with her smile, then she can change like the weather (like it has today).
We can see her change as she grows up and sometimes the difficulties of change can bring out her frustration, however, as parents, we accept (sometimes) the difficulties and encourage her through them.
Having a safe environment and supporting your child to grow and become themselves is important for their growth.
Yet why do we sometimes look down or judge those people who have decided to make changes later on in their life?
Never judge people when they are making changes in their life you might not know where they are coming from, sometimes when life is hard you have to change.
Let's give love and encouragement to those who are making changes in their lives.
Mike & Sinéad xx

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