Letting Go & Moving Forward

20th July 2020

Funny how things play out in our lives, 16th July I had booked in for some RTT with Ciara from Healiology, personal growth can help you with everything in your life. No matter what we are trying to do whether it is raising a family, going to work or whether you want to change the world!

It is crucial that we continue to grow, or we can just flatline and give up on what is possible, like our dreams and get stuck in a world of no feelings.

Personal growth can help us in growing emotionally and mentally, however, we need to let go of the past that's where we all need help and I thank Ciara for her professionalism, never be afraid of sharing the past and letting it go, it is the best way to move forward.

17th July was my birthday and it felt like a rebirth after a great nights sleep, after the emotions of the day before. The weight of the hidden burdens have shifted and now I feel I can move forward.

Why do I need to be more, do more and becoming more? I need to be more considerate, more loving and more positive because I have seen the pain in the world and I know Sinéad and I have had the vision to help those who are willing to make the changes to move forward and make a difference in their lives.

However, this must begin with yourself, then you become the example, the light, the shoulder and mentor for others.
Best way to move forward is to let go of the past!

With love

Mike & Sinéad xx

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