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7th July 2019
World Chocolate Day

Chocolate is good for us – it has loads of positives. The key thing to remember is that it does matter what type of chocolate you choose and of course how much you consume.  We make these little chocolate drops for our family.  A couple after dinner as a treat or when you crave something […]

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6th July 2019
7 Essential Hacks for Summer

Summer has finally arrived!  To fully enjoy the best of what summer has to offer we have compiled 7 essential hacks to make sure you enjoy it! 1. Keep hydrated. We are told to drink loads of water all the time, but when it is hot it is even more important.  Keep a jug of fresh […]

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6th June 2019
Our new promotions for this Summer!

Summer is a time for relaxing. A time when the sun comes out and we can all start getting ready for those holidays we booked last year! To coincide with the new season, we are doing 4 different offers/promotions on a range of our packages. As always, you can find them on our offers page […]

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6th June 2019
Welcome to our new website

Welcome all to our new website. Here at West2Wellness you will find everything you need to know about wellbeing, healthy living through the use of our oils. We will be sharing with you our upcoming events and the latest goings on in our family and what's new with our business and charity activities. Don't forget […]

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