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3rd December 2020
Find your Happiness

Happiness is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognise how good things really are and what we are capable of. I know in the past I spent my life as most fathers do working hard, taking on the challenges of the world and what is expected of us! I know in the […]

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14th November 2020
Do you have a Healthy Marriage?

Having a strong marriage has been such a blessing to our health and wellness and within all marriages, each of us holds the power to strengthen or destroy our marriage. We have had to deal with things in our marriage that we both were not totally happy with and we have seen the same things […]

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12th November 2020
There is Sunshine Ahead!

After a few rainy days, we have some blue skies and how much joy does that bring to your day?   We know life can be a mix of sunny and rainy days. Sometimes we are jumping with joy and energy, sometimes we just want to pul the quilt over our head!   However, it […]

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5th November 2020
What ruins your Winter Wonderland?

Its that time of the year again and with everything else that's going on protecting our loved ones are up there with what are we getting the children for Christmas? You know its coming to the finale of the year when you just about had enough of the year! Coughs and colds can be regular […]

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28th September 2020
Turmeric for a Positive Life!

You’ve probably heard of turmeric before—it’s the spice that makes curries and mustard yellow in colour. Maybe you’ve even seen it available as a supplement at your local health-food store. That turmeric powder in capsules and spice bottles comes from a root that is dried and ground. However, an option you probably have heard less […]

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11th September 2020
Using Herbal Essential Oils

dōTERRA essential oils come from all varieties of plants. From herbs to trees, we wanted to explore each category of oils and explain how to use that group of oils. Though there are similarities between individual oils within groups, each oil is also unique. For this post, we will be discussing how to use all […]

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18th August 2020
Are You Looking For a Successful Opportunity?

Are you struggling with your success? Having been ‘successful’ most of my life. I was always looking for that really successful opportunity and I found one, one that has given my family and me a life we could only dream of. Success to me is getting up every morning knowing the day ahead is going […]

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10th August 2020
Making a Difference

In addition to being partnered with dōTERRA and supplying the highest quality, essential oils. We are partnering with a company like dōTERRA because they are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of farmers, harvesters, and distillers who contribute to dōTERRA’s oil production and the amazing products we deliver into your home every day. […]

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7th August 2020
The Power of Preparation

Love this little fellow and looking at his eyes you can sense he is ready to get up to mischief and this makes me think even from an early age we prepare ourselves before we take action!   So if this is a gift that has been given to all of us then why do […]

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6th August 2020
Happy With Your Career Choice?

How long have you been thinking about changing your career? We thought we did not have many options, we had a successful business and things were going well, however, there was one thing missing from our life and that was our health and happiness.   Health we all know is our true wealth and happiness […]

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