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28th October 2021
AromaTouch Technique

Discover the Power of Essential Oils The AromaTouch Technique® is the application of essential oil to the back and feet. This technique combines the unique benefits of human touch with the power of essential oils to create an overall wellness experience. The essential oils used in the AromaTouch Technique were chosen for their individual and combined […]

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11th October 2021
The Peppermint Touch

dōTERRA Peppermint Touch combines Peppermint essential oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil to provide a multitude of topical benefits. Its minty, fresh scent can be used topically throughout the day to uplift mood and promote a sense of focus. Peppermint Touch is also a wonderful addition to massage because of the soothing and cooling sensation it […]

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7th August 2021
Power of Preparation

Love this little fellow and looking at his eyes you can sense he is ready to get up to mischief and this makes me think even from an early age we prepare ourselves before we take action! So if this is a gift that has been given to all of us then why do we not […]

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1st June 2021
Citrus Bliss!

Citrus Bliss Product Description The Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend combines natural and powerfully aromatic compounds to create an essential oil that provides the user with cleansing characteristics, an uplifting aroma, and energizing properties that make this blend useful in everyday life. Our favorite members of the citrus family come together in this unique blend to […]

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20th April 2021
What are you tired of?

Whats not working in your life? How long has it been going on? What other issues are being created as a result? We tried many things and we did everything we were asked yet we got tired of battling and spending money! After struggling we cam across dōTERRA and this was new and totally out […]

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15th March 2021
Mike's Favourite Spearmint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Spearmint has been a strong favourite of mine for along time, ever since I need that extra confidence to speak in front of a group I was hocked on the amazing flavour and aroma of  dōTERRA Spearmint essential oil. Playing around in the kitchen with new recipes can always be a tricky business however, we […]

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15th March 2021
Lets Talk Spearmint

Spearmint Oil Product Description Commonly known for its flavour, spearmint is a perennial plant that offers a sweet and minty taste and aroma. For years, spearmint has thrived in the confectionary, gum, and dental product industries because of its favourable savour and breath-freshening properties. I will never forget the first time I used Spearmint essential […]

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10th March 2021
Copaiba a Must Have Oil!

COPAIBA PRODUCT DESCRIPTION An exceptional member to the resin essential oil family, Copaiba oil is extracted from copaiba trees in the Amazon rainforest. Copaiba oil is an incredibly versatile oil that has been used for centuries. Today, Copaiba essential oil is widely used in cosmetic products including soaps, creams, lotions, and perfumes, for both its […]

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2nd January 2021
In Children HOPE Becomes Alive

Watching your little ones or even big ones grow up can bring you so much happiness. Yes, it is not always that simple and being parents of all ages you get to notice the struggles, challenges, the pitfalls as well as the opportunities that lie ahead of each of our children. However they do not […]

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19th December 2020
Mom your Amazing!

Over the last few years after leaving that normal business mindset and setting up a home-based business, I have learnt many things! I have learnt our children do not want everything, they want their mom and dad to be present in their lives, they want to know you are there to protect them, bring happiness […]

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