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17th January 2020
Support your Children with Natural Products Free from Gluten, Dairy, Wheat, Soy, Eggs, or Nut Products

When Adele started school she found it hard to concentrate and take everything in, she was so eager to learn‍. We especially noticed her reading wasn't as good as it used to be. So we started her on the dōTERRA a2z Chewables and noticed a difference within a few days. Her concentration levels increased massively and […]

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16th January 2020
Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

Yoga has been a revelation to me, I never forget the first time I ever went to yoga I was a bit lost really, I had lots of people saying you will love it and it so good for you. However I just felt it was not my thing, yes I had been on a […]

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15th January 2020
West2Wellness Smoothie

I love this smoothie so much I have renamed it the West2Wellness smoothie it takes green drinks to a whole new level of flavour. It is packed full of vital nutrients, fibres, and minerals to keep your body fueled and functioning properly. This recipe is so easy and yummy—you'll be craving West2wellness smoothies regularly, why […]

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2nd January 2020
Remember Counting Sheep

As a child, I remember being told to count sheep when I struggled to get to sleep! It does not really work, does it? With the Holiday season coming to an end and if your home is anything like our home the children are totally out of routine. Crankiness is evident throughout the day and […]

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1st January 2020
Tired and Sluggish? Need more ENERGY?

What has dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack (LLV) brought to our home? The most noticeable support we have felt since using LLV has to be energy levels, we have so much more energy! We were never ones who had the energy to exercise, in fact, we did well to go through the day without a feeling of […]

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28th December 2019
Minimize your Toxic Load

While there are many uncontrollable factors in your overall health, through good lifestyle habits and proactive health care you can have significant influence over your physical well-being. Proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and stress management are fairly self-explanatory, but much less concern is generally shown for practices that assist in minimizing toxic load. That does not […]

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20th December 2019
Easiest Chocolate

Want to WOW your family and friends over Christmas with some of the easiest chocolates to make using only 2 ingredients? and maybe you can introduce them to the wonderful world of dōTERRA. To make it irresistible, use a good brand of chocolate! Our friends love these chocolates. To make it extra special give them as […]

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19th December 2019
Are you in enough PAIN yet?

This is not for you! You need commitment, a need to succeed, a why, you have to be ready to change your understanding of what you have been taught through your life. Did you get up this morning and think please not another day or you had to get out of bed and go to […]

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25th November 2019
Frankincense "The King of Essential Oils"

There is a very good reason why Frankincense is known as the king of essential oils, Frankincense has a variety of notable uses and benefits. This powerful essential oil is revered for its ability to beautify and rejuvenate skin when applied topically and to promote cellular health and immunity and produce a healthy inflammatory response […]

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22nd November 2019
Clove makes you smile a brighter smile

Being the sort of person who did not smile. I used to always hide my smile as my teeth have not always been the best, but I been going to our local dentist. A few jobs to be done, Gums bleeding and receding, Yellow stained, fillings and 1 extraction. so overall pretty bad. however, since […]

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