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Whether you are here looking for Wellness on a large or small scale we work with multiple tools in West2Wellness.

The Benefits of Joining our Team

We provide Wellness support and solutions for the seven dimensions of Wellness.

Whether you are here as someone searching for Wellness inspiration for yourself, family, a friend, your local community, or all over this wonderful world. There is an opportunity to learn how to create change in your life or make a difference in someone else’s life.

By joining our team, You are welcome to engage as much as little as you want. Along as its positive, respectful and constructive. You can make friendships, have fun, be empowered, receive inspiration and get solutions. You have access to local and international support.

Just follow these simple steps!

Step 1

Fill in your information details. To be directed.
Choose your preferred language and which country you live in.

Step 2

We advise to Click on Wholesale customer (you change this later if you like).
Fill in your information about you.

Step 3

The fun part.
 Select an Enrolment kit which includes the Membership fee 
  The membership welcome pack and choose which products you would like to order. Both ways you will receive 25% Retail pricing

Step 4

Review order and pay. Welcome to West2Wellness

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Mike and Sinéad Casserly

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Do you value a wellness lifestyle with an option of being an entrepreneur?
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