In Children HOPE Becomes Alive

2nd January 2021

Watching your little ones or even big ones grow up can bring you so much happiness.

Yes, it is not always that simple and being parents of all ages you get to notice the struggles, challenges, the pitfalls as well as the opportunities that lie ahead of each of our children.

However they do not see that, they are born with the hope that everything will be just perfect and nothing will go wrong!

What a wonderful gift we are all born with yet we sometimes lose hope why?

Yet we know, hope has the power to fill our lives with happiness!

Hope gives us the courage to do things we do not feel we are capable of.

Watching in our children as they grow we want to keep their dreams and hopes as strong as ever, How? 

The substance of things hoped for, come from faith. Without faith, there is no hope.

Greater the faith, brighter the hope.

To all those who feel despair, discouraged, lonely or who are worried!

Do not give up hope have faith, have faith in what you are capable of, as you have the capability to do all things.

If you are in need of a chat, reach out we are always here.

With love

Mike & Sinéad xx

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