Fever season is already here

9th May 2020

Why do we talk about allergies at this time of the year?

The best time to manage your allergies is a month before hayfever season starts if you have hayfever. So that's why we should talk about it at this time of the year.

Allergies can affect everybody because the hayfever season looms it's a good time to armour yourself or those suffering from preventative measures. So what you want to do to prevent hayfever is to strengthen the mucous membranes and improve the immune system and change your diet. So for all of these allergies, one thing we need to look at is to stop eating sugar, basically, that drives the immune system into A typical response, and doesn't do you any good.

We have managed our symptoms and many others by using the wonderful dōTERRA products and if you are open into learning more reach out to us at hello@west2wellness.com or check out dōTERRA TriEase

So an allergy is exactly that it's an A typical response, and everybody is surrounded by pollens, dander and dust. People use lanolin in hand creams, lots of people get stung by bees, lots of people eat peanuts and lots of people take medication and these are the commonest reactions, for allergies, but some of us react, A typically so it's an overreaction. This is where your immune system is going into hyperdrive and allergies are very common. Allergies in one form or another effect 25% of people in the industrialised world. So we're doing something which is aggravating, our allergies. If allergies are ongoing it's a state of chronic inflammation, which isn't good for us. It can cause disturbed sleep, in children it disturbs growth, would particularly be asthma. So it's very important to treat and manage asthma well and in order to get optimum growth. But for a lot of people, it causes a lot of misery. Some people dread the summer, because it is a time of coughing, sneezing, wheezing, some people can't have cats or dogs some people horses because it affects their lives on a daily basis.

A topi is a name for a significant level of the allergic syndrome and all of these are A typical and maladaptive. They involve the immune system when people have allergies in childhood it comes back to them in their middle ages.

One of the reasons why it can be exacerbated in today's world is that Katyn enhances allergic response. This is one of the breakdown products of crustaceans, and it's now being used as a food preservative because it's anti-microbial, and it adds to the shelf life. So tip number 2 for your diet, fresh whole food, and avoid processed food, if your grandmother doesn't recognise it then you want foods that go into those categories to be in very small proportions. And it's quite likely to be a response to all of the environmental issues that are affecting us today.

63% of allergy specialists linked the increase in allergic reactions to climate change. It can be confused with non-allergic sinusitis, and particularly because there's an overlap with allergies to moulds. So it's sometimes tricky to tell the difference. Some people are suffering from chronic sinusitis when in fact they're having an allergic reaction to mould. Sometimes, the symptoms of colds or flu can be mixed up with allergic reactions because you can get sneezing, conjunctivitis, you can get a lot of overlap of symptoms so sometimes it's not that straightforward.

We would highly recommend after you are outside to come in, have a shower and wash the clothes you have been in.

Have a spoon of local honey every day.

Diffuse oils from dōTERRA using Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender which is also a natural antihistamine blend and can be taken internally in either a glass of water or in a veggie capsule, make a roller bottle of these oils with equal drops of each and apply to your pulse points when you are outside and feeling the symptoms are exacerbated. These oils come in all enrollment kits or try our basic Introductory Kit.

Also, dōTERRA has made it very handy and have made up easy premade softgels to take called Triease Softgels which are very easy and effective to take.

Have a symptom free Summer by following our examples

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