Why give so much? Yet get no life!

10 am - 1 pm
Sat 07, Sep, 2019
Maldron Hotel, Sandy Road, Galway, Ireland H91 ET6N

If your job is no longer doing it for you and would love to change the world instead, here is your chance to re-create yourself in just one morning.

Think about it. Have you ever made a decision that changed your life? When was the last time you have made such a decision? How often could you make it?

On this Saturday morning, it's decision-making time.

Is life currently making you the best version of yourself? If you went to heaven today and met the person that you could have become, would you feel grateful and fulfilled?

It's time to decide on a new path.

Holding out for something to change is rarely a winning strategy. That's why even the luckiest lottery winners go broke within only three years. We need success habits that create our financial, physical and spiritual well-being.

if you are overwhelmed and stressed over your wellness, your career and your future, come and learn the habits and tools that make a lasting difference.


Andrew Lawless, bestselling author and Strategic Interventionist, helps professional women to follow their passions. He is on a mission to guide 1.000 women to find their unique talent and make a difference - and money. In this workshop, he will share his most effective strategies for a rewarding life with wellness and opportunity. Andrew is a massive part of our journey, on the path not only to wellness but to abundance.

Mike Casserly is the father of a family who decided to leave the rat race and concentrate more on family life. He followed a path to wellness and happy life full of gratitude and abundance. He escaped an unhealthy work-life filled with illness, weekly doctor appointments, monthly hospital appointments, and obesity. And BANG heart problems! He is now a doTERRA Leader who changes thousands of lives around the world.

How would you live if you knew you could Master your wellness, career and future? Which dreams could you live? Which relationships would you build and foster? How far would you go?

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Do you value a wellness lifestyle with an option of being an entrepreneur?
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