Protect your Family with West2Wellness

7pm - 8pm
Fri 07, Feb, 2020
Castle Oaks,

Mike & Sinéad Casserly a family of 6 beautiful children have taken to wellness like to a duck to water!

We invite you to come along to this free essential well workshop.

Hear how we battled past the negativity of looking for an answer to our long term sicknesses, how we found an answer to a lot of our problems and changed our focus on wellness.

We would love to come and share our message with you and be able to give you some ideas that you might be able to take home with you and to help either your family or someone you love.

This is open to all men and women, father and mothers who are looking for a natural approach to wellness.

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Do you value a wellness lifestyle with an option of being an entrepreneur?
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