21 Days of Abundance Challenge

Mon 23, Nov, 2020
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Hola beautiful people!!

We have embarked on this journey and would love for you to join us along the way. You will definitely be embarking on a journey. This group is a 21-day abundance meditation program by Deepak Chopra.

Deepak is an Indian author, a doctor, and a facilitator. He is famous for his writings, which help people reach their maximum potential. Over 21 days, we will be listening to his audio meditations and following a guide to bring in the abundance of all things we possibly want in this lifetime.

The program is meant to support you in cultivating the habit of abundance. Likewise, it will be intentional, powerful, and prosperous! We have found how we can support you through the process with some wonderful dōTERRA oils.

We are only a conduit of information and intentions as prescribed by Deepak Chopra’s program. The tasks are shared exactly as provided by the program. The goal is to get to know yourself better and to change and clarify your personal beliefs and attitudes. Participating in this practice will also support you in realizing your blocks, fears and limiting beliefs in the area of abundance. As we realize these blocks, we can then actively work to heal them and destroy them so that nothing is holding us back.

We will work together to open the flow of abundance by committing to a 21-day practice because studies show that it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

You will need to connect with us through Facebook, Messenger or email, if you feel really brave and what to change your mindset try calling us on 0863155151.

This will help us send you the audios and some wonderful oils to help you through the process.

Only open to those currently not members of dōTERRA.

With love

Mike & Sinéad xx

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