Easiest Chocolate

20th December 2019

Want to WOW your family and friends over Christmas with some of the easiest chocolates to make using only 2 ingredients? and maybe you can introduce them to the wonderful world of dōTERRA.

To make it irresistible, use a good brand of chocolate! Our friends love these chocolates.

To make it extra special give them as a gift, add a sample of the dōTERRA essential oil you used and share the other benefits that oil has with them.

This is so simple even I can do it!

Simply melt a large bag of chocolate in a bowl, once melted add 8 -10 drops of your favourite dōTERRA oil and spread the melted chocolate on some greaseproof paper and let set. Chop into pieces, if you have moulds use them to suit.

If you are using a large bar size you will only need 2-3 drops of your favourite dōTERRA oil.

You can also use white chocolate!

Dark Chocolate and Peppermint is like AfterEights.

Milk Chocolate and Wild Orange is like Terry's Chocolate Orange.

Milk Chocolate and Geranium is like TurkishDelight my favourite.

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