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1st November 2019
Rosemary, More than just an ingredient

When we open a bottle of doTERRA oils we always close our eyes and take a deep smell of the aroma released and Rosemary is one of those oils that brings me back happy personal memories. One of the dishes I loved as a kid was when my mom would make Chicken Rosemary it would […]

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28th October 2019
Balance - Focus, Contention and Confusion.

dōTERRA Created Balance with the purpose of grounding emotions, dōTERRA Balance is formulated with emotionally beneficial essential oils that work together to create a sense of calmness and well-being. We grew to love this from day one as we learnt it was great for anxiety and shyness, something our daughter suffered with greatly in her early school […]

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26th October 2019
The HOME Essentials Kit was our first choice however,

The Home Essentials Kit was our first choice however within 2 weeks we realised we made a mistake! Why? Sinéad and I became aware of dōTERRA oils when I was looking for a miracle to happen to my health, in fact, I actually gave up hope on my health after a number of unsuccessful heart […]

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9th October 2019
doTERRA Air The Respiratory Blend

32 Years using inhalers for asthma! The greatest gift we ever sent to someone was to my sister, she was always suffering from her asthma and it affected her life in such a way that it made her feel that she could not do some of the things she loved doing gym, playing with the […]

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12th September 2019

Endless nights of crying babies? It does not have to be this way. Especially when teething is in full swing, I never forget the first child we had and the endless nights, our little one suffered from teething and the tears and you do feel helpless, we all have had a toothache and it one […]

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9th September 2019
Melaleuca (tea tree)

MOMMY MY EAR! do your children suffer from earache? This time of the year can be the start of the earache season as the chill in the wind, driving rain, but earaches can also be caused by the use of headphones, swimming and many other everyday activities  when I was a child, I grew up […]

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4th September 2019

Hiatus Hernia! Suffer in PAIN every month? It is not a nice position to be in, having to watch your wife in pain, my wife Sinéad suffered so much with a common problem that is really painful and uncomfortable for the person. Peppermint has lots of uses and was life-changing for my wife Sinéad, she was […]

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26th August 2019
Sharing oil gave a dog a new home!

I felt we had to mention National Dog day today! I was grateful to meet a lady recently, who has had a real life-changing experience with one of the doTERRA oils called Air. This lady suffered from asthma and an allergy to dogs, she suffered so badly that she could not spend 30 minutes at her […]

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16th August 2019
On Guard The Protective Blend

Have you had enough of the constant challenge of feeling crappy? By being proactive can change that! When you start out on a wellness journey you can spend the time pondering where to start, I know when I fully committed to changing the outcome of my future life and being part of my families future, […]

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2nd August 2019
Zengest The Digestive Blend

Daughter in pain, crying, rolled up in a ball next to you!  This used to be a call to action regarding one of our daughters normally involving the whole family, with military precision we would organise the next 2 days, babysitters, work schedule, cancel any activities, and get straight into the doctors. Our daughter suffered from […]

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