Balance - Focus, Contention and Confusion.

28th October 2019

dōTERRA Created Balance with the purpose of grounding emotions, dōTERRA Balance is formulated with emotionally beneficial essential oils that work together to create a sense of calmness and well-being. We grew to love this from day one as we learnt it was great for anxiety and shyness, something our daughter suffered with greatly in her early school years. Once we started to apply it to her feet and behind her ears daily we soon noticed our daughter becoming more confident and less hiding away from the rest of the other children, it is great to take away confusion from their young minds.

dōTERRA Balance soon became one of our daily habit oils, if you have a busy day planned our just a day full of frustration laid out before you, dōTERRA Balance on your feet and behind your ears brings you into that moment of I will do what I can do and that is all I can do attitude. Your best is good enough and you are good enough.

dōTERRA Balance essential oil blend has a variety of uses and benefits that can be obtained both aromatically and topically. When applied to the skin or diffused, dōTERRA Balance can ease anxious feelings and create a soothing and calming environment encouraging strong relaxation. The aroma of dōTERRA Balance is sweet and woody and is the perfect fragrance for promoting feelings of balance and tranquillity. Infused with Spruce, Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Frankincense essential oils, dōTERRA Balance is the perfect blend for stabilising emotions.

Where to Buy dōTERRA Balance

To buy a bottle of dōTERRA Balance, contact us at or simply ENROL NOW!

dōTERRA Balance is one of dōTERRA’s many essential oil blends formulated with CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils. These pure essential oils are powerful essential oils that come from plants that have been grown and harvested in their ideal environments and then distilled and tested for purity and potency. These careful processes produce high-quality, pure, and potent essential oils. When you purchase from dōTERRA, you are not just purchasing any normal essential oils, you are purchasing powerful and effective oils. If you are looking for natural solutions that will promote vitality and well-being, dōTERRA essential oil products are the right fit for you.

dōTERRA Balance Uses and Benefits

Relaxing your body begins with the mind. Help your body relax by focusing on your emotions first. Use dōTERRA Balance essential oil blend to help ground your emotions so that your whole body can feel completely at ease when you need it most. This emotionally balancing blend is a great oil to use during meditation or yoga practices.

Start your day off right by putting a little dōTERRA Balance into your step. After you wake up, apply one to two drops of dōTERRA Balance to the bottom of your feet. This will help promote feelings of calmness and tranquillity throughout the day. dōTERRA Balance can also be applied to your feet throughout the day to help lessen feelings of stress.

If a road trip is in your future, make sure to bring some dōTERRA Balance. For those long hours of driving in a full car, diffusing dōTERRA Balance will help create a calming and soothing environment. Once you experience the serene feelings of dōTERRA Balance, you’ll wonder how you ever took long road trips without it.

dōTERRA Balance is one of the essential oils used in the AromaTouch® technique. dōTERRA Balance essential oil blend is important to the AromaTouch experience because it helps produce emotional harmony and relaxation. Experience the enriching benefits of dōTERRA Balance during an AromaTouch Hand Massage by either applying it to your own hands or having someone else perform the hand massage. The AromaTouch Hand Massage can also be performed on a grandparent to help them feel relaxed and calm.

If you experience occasional feelings of anxiousness, apply dōTERRA Balance to your wrists and neck. The topical application of dōTERRA Balance essential oil blend will help ease anxious feelings when they arise.

One of the main benefits of dōTERRA Balance is its ability to evoke feelings of tranquillity. When you feel overwhelmed emotionally, take a step back and give yourself the peace your mind needs. Diffuse dōTERRA Balance or apply dōTERRA Balance topically to create an environment of tranquillity so that you can press forward feeling emotionally balanced and ready to take on the tasks ahead of you.

Do you find yourself with little time to sit back and let your mind relax? For an emotionally grounding experience in a short amount of time, apply one or two drops of dōTERRA Balance to your hands and cup them over your nose, breathing in deeply. The same results can be felt by simply uncapping the dōTERRA Balance essential oil blend bottle and breathing deeply with the bottle of dōTERRA Balance held a couple of inches from the nose.

Before you go to bed, apply dōTERRA Balance to the bottoms of your feet. This calming and soothing blend will encourage a restful night’s sleep.

Promote a whole-body relaxation by including dōTERRA Balance in your bath. dōTERRA Balance will help relax the body and provide a comforting and soothing experience. For those moments when you just need time to relax and recharge, add a couple of drops of doTERRA Balance with some Epsom salts to your bathwater. You will love how easily it evokes feelings of balance and tranquillity.

dōTERRA  Balance is a powerful blend of CPTG® oils designed to promote harmony in the mind and body and help balance emotions. When you have stressful events or meetings, make sure to use dōTERRA  Balance so that you can experience a sense of stability and relaxation during situations that are prone to anxious and stressful feelings.

Oils that Blend Well with dōTERRA  Balance 

dōTERRA  Balance blends well with Frankincense, Bergamot, Peppermint, Coriander, dōTERRA  Forgive®, Citrus Bliss®, and Wintergreen essential oils for diffusion.

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