Are You Looking For a Successful Opportunity?

18th August 2020

Are you struggling with your success?

Having been ‘successful’ most of my life. I was always looking for that really successful opportunity and I found one, one that has given my family and me a life we could only dream of.

Success to me is getting up every morning knowing the day ahead is going to be amazing, have you ever had the day when you are so excited to get out of bed because of the day you have planned ahead? Well, that is the feeling we get every morning.

Now before you go any further I will stop you here, as I know your time is valuable and I do not want you to waste your time.

If you are not ready to humble yourself, be open to learning, have courage, self-discipline, be flexible, have a strong character and want to live a life full of integrity, then this might not be for you.

We are not saying you can not be successful in your life without these attributes, however, to align with our business ethics these attributes are all part of the journey to being successful with us.

As we searched the world looking for something that would make us really successful, we never found that opportunity that came with really making a difference in the world.

Everything we found had a big cost attached, and selling my soul to start again at the age of 44 was weighing heavy on my mind, I just did not have the energy or will to start again.

Having a young family which I never spent much time with due to work commitments, was really making me realise there had to be more to the life I was living, however, I just could not find anything.

I was getting frustrated and feeling more disconnected from life, surely there was something in this world that could give me the life I craved for?

Sinéad and I started looking at many franchises and they all sounded great, but the start-up investment, hidden costs and the never-ending contract agreement just did not sit well with us.

Getting more frustrated and disconnected, I did something that changed my life, I had to, I was really losing the will to go on, I started looking after me, self-love is so important to our lives, sanity and growth.

Learning to love yourself and then sharing that love is the most rewarding way to become successful and we made a business out of it.

I remember investing €5000 this gave me the opportunity to start looking after my family and myself, and the hidden extra was I could start a business, this would give me a 12-month window, to give me a return on my investment, truthfully I was dipping my toe into the water to see what would happen.

After looking at all types of franchises and having the feeling I was getting tided up and robbed, I was not totally convinced, what would you get for €5000?

My wife Sinéad was not totally convinced either because what did I know about natural health? I mean at 44, I was obese, bad skin, a terrible digestive system, the unhappiest person you could meet, who suffered from the lack of sleep, energy and the will to live, and at the time I was still running my successful conformed business, and I have not even mentioned my damaged heart that kept on stopping now and again.

Now sorry if you feel I am giving franchise opportunities a bad name but have you ever met a franchisee who was happy? I have met with hundreds of them and my answer is no.

So finding something that would make me money and keep me out of the public view was ideal, so I found this opportunity, it makes me money but has not kept me out of the public view and truthfully the money is not even something I think about nowadays.

What I did find was a newly balanced life for my family and me, and once we created that openness which required humility, the awareness for knowledge, then committed and followed through with our actions we created a wonderful life with responsibility, to love, lift, lead and liberate others.

Maybe you are looking for a better way to make a living and create a balanced life for you and your family?

Build a business that means you can work from home and have a flexible schedule, create a stable financial future, and make a difference in the world all at the same time?

Create a lasting residual income?

You can discover the benefits of partnering with us and see what building a business that is changing the world can do for you, by contacting me or use the link below.

Never be afraid of moving out of the darkness and becoming the light for others, this world needs leaders more than ever.

Are you a leader?

Mike & Sinéad xx

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