A Gift that Changed our Lives and Many Others.

8th February 2020

The memory of 3 years ago, when I used to spend my life and risk my life working on rooftops in all conditions acts as a reminder to how far we have gone even tho sometimes we may feel we have not. However, when we look back, it is with sadness we let ourselves get hoodwinked into such situations, which from the outside to many looked happy.

The picture from a rooftop in Lahinch, Co Clare, Ireland might look picturesque but it was a stormy day and it was at the end of a hard long night, in which I had to get out of a warm bed and head out into the storm leave my family and our 3-month-old son to go and work on a roof and it often went through my head will I be home later, I know people think so what and your not the only one who has to do things like that to pay the bills and yes I am well aware of that, however, that is my point why do we? why do we have to risk our lives so others profit or can take us for granted?

I remember how hard and sometimes how dangerous it was to be working in a business that brought no gratitude or respect for the efforts you made and all we were doing were making ends meet. Do you have a job like that or a business? I am asking men and women this question.

A year later and 2 years nearly to the day I made a BIG decision to do something about it!

I looked into my future in my current career in 5 years, 10 years and 20 years, it went 5 years working on a roof, miserable, 10 years working on a roof miserable and in pain, 20 years without a thought I shouted out DEAD!

I then looked into my future if I followed this gift that I was given. This gift has given me, my wife, my family, my friends and total strangers who became friends due to a natural solution to difficulties we were all going through at this time and this brought joy to my heart, I looked in 5 years I would be successful in my new business (helping people with a need), 10 years I would be sitting on a beach drinking cocktails (note we had not been on a family holiday in 10 years) and in 20 years was what really brought tears to my eyes, I could see myself at my DAUGHTERS WEDDING!

What a contrast in 20 years DEAD or DAUGHTERS WEDDING was it really that BIG of a decision or was it just my time to focus on what is important in our lives?

I was 45 when I made this decision yes I thought I was too old, yes I thought I knew nothing about this gift I was given, yes I was scared of starting a new business, a new career and did I have the energy? Having battled with obesity, depression and lots of other health problems none worse than my heart condition, when I looked to my future paths DEAD or DAUGHTERS WEDDING I realised it was my choice no one else's but mine. We can all choose the path we walk no matter how old, how much we think we know and how much energy we have to get us through the uncertainty, with our choices we can choose to feel as old as we want, we can always learn what we need to know and we can always make the right decisions to give us more energy. 

We go forward to today and I can truly say we are as a family on the right path, the path we choose, I am not saying it is an easier path because it is not, however,  it definitely the right path it has changed our family in so many ways, HEALTH we are so much healthier as a family and we continue to offer people the opportunity to take responsibility of their health as meet them daily from all over the world, TIME to spend with those we choose to, spending time with my family is the most important part of my life and we have grown some amazing friendships from all over the world and WEALTH well that comes as we continue to love those we meet, yes it's great but it's not our drive it just means we can reach out to more and more often, wealth to us is a responsibility is to be shared and used for the right reasons and that is something Sinéad and I are very conscious of.

Yes, I am grateful for the gift, grateful for my family and grateful we are on the right path, the path has unlocked a whole new world for our family from physical, emotional, sociable, spiritual and many more dimensions of wellness, was it a difficult decision? for sure, it was a BIG decision and a difficult decision even knowing the outcome of each path, however we have learnt if we are not making BIG or difficult decisions we are not moving or growing in the right direction on our journey.

oh, the gift I mentioned? It is not a secret, however, if you would like to know more call or let us meet up for a chat. 

This could be your time, it is never too late.

With love



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