Routines provide structure!

14th March 2020

As we go into our the weeks of uncertainty and quite possibly months, it is paramount for your sanity and for the benefits of your children we keep ourselves and our children focused. The fastest way to disrupt a child's focus and impact their lives is uncertainty, Children benefit from routines. Routines provide structure, a sense of security and help children develop self-discipline. Like all of us, children manage change best if it is anticipated and materialises in the context of a common routine. Routines help us appropriately self-regulate and control our environments. This is important to our and our children’s overall wellness. 

We have created daily habits to keep our children and us in a routine, we are currently not on holiday, it might seem like an early Christmas in the shops but the fact is we are in very uncertain times and this could have a long term effect on our children lives. Little things can make a big difference in a child’s life. 

You can either have the children running wild and driving you crazy or get them focused on some daily habits that will not only benefit them but you and your home also. We have thought about homeschooling and the pros and cons in the past and we are interested to see how we get on over the coming weeks and how our children take to school at home, we have always been encouraged from our church to study our scriptures daily as a family at home and it has been great to study with the children before bed. 

As we are encouraged in the best interest of the nation to keep our children indoors, we have come up with a routine to provide structure and keep our children happy in their self-development, busy, out of mischief and get them to help you also!! 

We are grateful to have successfully created a doTERRA business we can run from home and to have empowered other to do the same is humbling, so we are grateful for the fact that in our business nothing has really changed apart from we have got a lot busier, when you run an international health and wellness business and when the world is realising being proactive rather than reactive is a game-changer you will see an increase in productivity, however, 400% already is huge!

We see the benefits already in our home, sit down with your children and create a routine, it will be a game-changer in your home and your children’s lives, it might even open your mind to what is possible. With Sinéad, I and the children creating a routine in our home, starting from early morning exercise, studying, supporting the family home, building long term values and ending with mindful mediation and scripture study, it has been a game-changer, a family unit working together will only strengthen us.

The routine we created will be the foundation for their long term wellness from emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, environmental, sociable and even occupational.

Follow us through the up and downs, but with one focus to bring a little bit of certainty and security to our children in these uncertain times.

Mike & Sinéad xx

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