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28th December 2019

While there are many uncontrollable factors in your overall health, through good lifestyle habits and proactive health care you can have significant influence over your physical well-being. Proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and stress management are fairly self-explanatory, but much less concern is generally shown for practices that assist in minimizing toxic load. That does not make them any less important. Your health truly manifests itself from the inside out; proper functioning of your vital organs and minimizing toxic load can influence your health as much as any other controllable factor. With the Cleanse & Restore Kit, dōTERRA. has created a system to help make toxic load reduction easy for everyone.

When I go back to life before dōTERRA I now realise how I had total disregard for my life, my family and for friends and work colleagues, everyday toxins is something we never knew would cause us that much damage, but how wrong was I and since I first did my 1st ever dōTERRA Cleanse and Restore I have been hooked. It was critical at the start of my weight loss and oil journey. I am one of those persons who can never be to clean yet after the Cleanse and Restore experience I have never felt so clean on the inside, even more so than the outside. It was like getting a whole new engine and exhaust, have you ever had that new car feeling after you have been driving around for so long with your old car, you get in the new car it smells better, it feels more comfortable, it drives better with more vroom and you get more mileage out of a tank of fuel! this is how the Cleanse and Restore protocol makes me feel! I look forward every new year not for a new car but for a full Cleanse and Restore body makeover.

Toxic Load

To understand the importance of minimizing toxic load, we must first define some foundational terms and discuss how our natural detoxification systems work. A “toxin” is any substance that causes excess stress to the body. “Toxic load” refers to the volume of these substances that have been accumulated in the body at any given time and the overall burden it places on the body systems and vital organs. Toxins come from countless sources, many of which we are not even aware of. Environmental threats, chemicals, and radiation are three of the most common categories. Technically, every substance that has a consistent chemical composition is a “chemical,” but in commonly used terms, a chemical is any substance (natural or synthetic) that can stress the body. Examples of chemicals we frequently come in contact with are ingredients in processed foods such as artificial sweeteners and flavour enhancers, automobile exhaust, cigarette smoke, solvents, plastics, pesticides, xenoestrogens, and harsh cleaning products. Radiation refers to high-energy particles that can negatively affect cellular structures and DNA. The most common source of radiation we are exposed to is sunlight. Our bodies are exposed to countless possible toxins every day, many of the interactions being unavoidable, but we can take steps to minimize their effect on our health.

Your body has a number of different passageways through which it is directly exposed to toxins and several different mechanisms that it uses to deal with this exposure. The three most vulnerable pathways are the lungs, the digestive tract, and the skin. We are directly exposed to toxins through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and anything that contacts our skin. Our bodies have their own natural defence mechanisms to protect these pathways. For instance, to protect the most susceptible tissue, our nose, mouth, and throats are lined with a thick mucous membrane to trap foreign particles. Similarly, present inside our lungs are special immune cells that destroy any other foreign agents that may get past the mucous membrane. While we have little control over the quality of the air we breathe outside or chemicals we may be unknowingly exposed to, there are measures we can take to minimize exposure and support the natural mechanisms that deal with the toxins.

Internally, a healthy body hosts bacteria that assist our inherent defence mechanisms in curtailing toxic load. The digestive tract is populated with trillions of microorganisms that collectively form a natural ecosystem. These microorganisms commonly referred to as gut microbiota, microflora, or ‘friendly-flora”, play a significant role in overall health. Without a thriving probiotic environment that fosters the growth of these microbiotas, less-friendly microbes have free reign to stress the gastrointestinal tract. These microflorae serve a number of different purposes. The friendly-flora help maintains digestive efficiency, produce enzymes that break down proteins into usable amino acids, help the body produce and metabolize a number of different vitamins, and are key in the transportation of vitamins and minerals through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. Without them, several metabolic processes and neuromuscular functions are hindered, nutrient deficiencies arise, and our immune system’s ability to respond to threats weakens.

doTERRA's Detoxification Program

doTERRA’s answer to minimizing toxic load comes in the form of a 30-day renewing cleanse, your annual “spring cleaning.” This detoxification program is simple and easy to follow. Consisting of a series of innovative products that work with your inherent cleansing processes, when combined with a healthy diet, the renewing cleanse works to maximize the health and efficiency of your vital cleansing organs so that you can minimize toxic load naturally and maintain the results long-term.N The foundation of your 30-day renewing cleanse is the eight component Cleanse & Restore Kit.

GX Assist is dōTERRA.’s answer to immediate detoxification needs. A combination of CPTG essential oils and caprylic acid, GX Assist supports natural detoxification by creating an unfriendly environment for toxins in the digestive tract. The proprietary essential oil blend helps purify and cleanse the digestive system while the caprylic acid supports overall digestive health and microbial balance.

  • Your 30-day renewal should begin with taking GX Assist for ten days, one softgel per meal, up to three per day. Begin with a single softgel each day to assess your tolerance.

Rounding out the first phase of your 30-day renewal program is PB Assist + Probiotic Defense Formula, a combination of prebiotic fibre and six strains of probiotic microorganisms that encourage healthy microflora growth. When taken following 10 days of GX Assist, PB Assist+ promotes a positive balance of microflora, resulting in the optimal digestive and immune system, and gastrointestinal tract function.

  • One vegetable capsule, three times per day with a meal, is all you need to encourage the replenishment of friendly microflora population.

Throughout the entire 30-day renewal program, two other supplements should be taken for additional cleansing support.
Zendocrine Detoxification Blend is a proprietary mixture of essentials oils that help support the healthy functioning of the liver, along with the kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin. Depending on your delivery preference, you can either add 1–2 drops to citrus drinks, teas, or water or use the convenient softgels. For those concerned about the long-term health of their liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin, Zendocrine may be taken daily throughout the year, but for those only looking for a “spring cleaning,” it is an integral part of the 30-day renewal program.

DigestZen Terrazyme Digestive Enzyme Complex works synergistically with Zendocrine as a daily supplement to support the body’s natural detoxification processes, but also as a key factor in a 30-day cleanse. One of the biggest issues with toxification is the nutritional deficiencies that arise from the heavily processed and preservative-packed modern diet. A proprietary combination of active whole-food enzymes and supporting co-factors, DigestZen Terrazyme provides the deficient nutritional components vital for healthy digestion, metabolism, and cellular energy development.

  • Take 1-3 capsules with meals throughout the day, usage amount dependent on the nutritional-density of the meals (take only one capsule if the meal includes nutrient-dense whole foods), to support natural detoxification.

Additional Products

Lastly, dōTERRA offers a line of nutritional supplements that, along with proper diet, can promote maintenance of your body’s natural toxicity defences. The doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack consists of three nutritional supplements that should be a part of your daily nutrition plan, but are especially important as part of a detoxifying cleanse.
Microplex VMz Food Nutrient Complex provides a balanced formula of bioavailable vitamins and minerals to address nutrient deficiencies and support healthy metabolism and cellular energy. xEO Mega is a proprietary blend of omega fatty acids and CPTG essential oils to support many crucial bodily processes, including immune function. Alpha CRS + Cellular Vitality Complex is an innovative combination of botanical extracts that support healthy cell function and cellular energy. Together these supplements provide the nutrients vital to maintain your health and increase the effectiveness of your cleanse.

These supplements can be combined with other dōTERRA products throughout the program, Depending on your individual goals, the products in the Cleanse & Restore Kit can be taken along with other dōTERRA essential oils and nutritional supplements. The kit includes 15 mL of Lemon essential oil, which can be added to your favourite beverage to assist the internal detoxification process.

For those interested in weight management, the Slim & Sassy line is a great complement to your spring cleaning, especially the metabolic essential oil blend and softgels. Along with helping to manage your appetite and supporting healthy metabolism, the proprietary combination of CPTG essential oils also helps support the health of your vital organs.


dōTERRA’s response to minimizing toxic load is unlike any conventional cleanse. No extreme dietary modifications that may be detrimental to your overall health, no gulping down heaping spoonfuls of indigestible fibre, and no short-term fixes. With the Cleanse & Restore Kit, your 30-day spring cleaning works to improve the efficiency of your body’s own toxic cleansing mechanisms for sustainable health. Healthy from the inside out.

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